Flat and curved double glazing units with pressure equalization valve and outstanding safety level: outer pane is fully tempered with high performance coating, inner pane is fully tempered too laminated with SentryGlas interlayer.


Location: Sochi, Russia

Area: 4000 sqm.

Project description

This combined complex for cross-country skiing and biathlon was built in 2011 on the ridge Psekhako in the village Krasnaya Polyana, at a height of about 1800 metres.It is one of the largest and comfortable building for such an event in the world.

It was decided to use IGUs with multifunctional coating for the glazing; thereby the best combination of performance characteristics was provided.

The IGUs (for enhanced safety and structural strength) had to meet the P4A shock proof protection level. For this requirement it was decided to use laminated glass with SentryGlas film, which is 100 times stiffer, 5 times tougher, than PVB film. By using SentryGlas film it was possible to reduce the thickness of inner laminated glass, allowed lightweight construction and improved the light transmission.

Considering the location of the Center at such a high altitude and the large pressure difference where the IGU was manufactured, each glass unit had a pressure equalization valve installed to reduce any stress induced in the IGU when it is taken up to this high altitude.

In order to create a building of a special architectural style, curved IGUs with durable characteristics were used.

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