Double glazing units with outer high selective glass and inner laminated glass. Shaped units. Balustrades with digital printing both flat and curved.


Location: Sochi, Russia

Area: 7000 sqm.


Project description

Ice Arena is a 12,000 spectator stadium and has been designed for the hockey event during the Olympic Games. After the Games it is used as an ultra-modern multifunctional sports and entertainment complex.

This unique building has a modern expressive design to appear like a frozen drop which perfectly complements the landscape. To realize the architect’s idea, each IGU in the arena’s dome has an individual trapezoidal shape. Ice Arena, as well as other Olympic projects in Sochi, are BREEAM certified, an international "green building" standard. 

The outer pane of DGUs with its high selective properties fulfills the heat protection function, protects premises from overheating in the summer while maintaining a high level of transmission throughout the year and reduces building heating costs in the winter.

We supplied products not only for the facade, but also for the interior. Balustrades for the skyboxes were made of low-iron tempered and laminated glass. The elevator and some of the balustrades were designed with the use of screen printing to imitate the design of the “frozen drop”.    

Ice Arena Russia Sochi Ice Arena Russia Sochi Ice Arena Russia Sochi
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