Large laminated glass with electrical heating for point fixing system of canopies, with SentryGlas interlayer and low-iron glasses. Perimeter printing. Complex shapes. Fully automated intelligent control system designed individually for the project.


Location: St. Petersburg, Russia

Area: 170 sqm.

Architect: Diamond & Schmitt Architects

Project description

Mariinsky Theatre is one of the most famous and largest theatres of Opera and Ballet in the world, the center of cultural life not only in St. Petersburg, but also throughout Russia. The new building of the Mariinsky Theatre is the most modern and technically equipped building, which meets world-class of public buildings.

Besides IGUs with silk-screen printing  for facade glazing, laminated glass with electric heating was used in this project in order to remove snow and ice on canopies. To reduce the overall weight of construction, innovative material SentryGlas was applied for the lamination that enabled to reduce the thickness of laminated glass while maintaining given load-bearing capacity.

Among the tasks to be solved for this project were the large sizes of laminated glass with heating, as well as point fixed system and the requirement to follow the architectural style due to the presence of open edges.

In order to control the heating of the glass, GLASSBEL provided the individual technical and design specification, as well as automatic control system. Heating control is carried out with the help of precipitation and temperature sensors. In operation, the sensors monitor the temperature on the surface of the glass, maintaining the optimal value, sufficient to remove the snow and prevent overheating. Switch-off happens automatically by a signal from the precipitation sensor. The automatic control system ensures safety during operation.

Using the touch screen and user-friendly interface client can manage heating by himself, changing the required parameters.

This project is an example of using such product with electrical heating function, where the company provides a "turnkey " solution – from project design for the given conditions to fully automated control system.

Mariinsky Theatre Russia St. Petersburg Mariinsky Theatre Russia St. Petersburg Mariinsky Theatre Russia St. Petersburg
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